Beginners guides

Australia and New Zealand Research Articles and Guides

FindMyPast has put together a collection of articles to help assist you in building your family tree, written by genealogy experts from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States.

Basic Recordkeeping (Basics of Family History Research Series)

Learn how to make the most of traditional organisation methods in family history research and how to analyse your findings with this RootsWeb article.

Beginners First Steps

If you are a beginner or a seasoned genealogist, learn about planning your research and setting attainable goals as your genealogy experience grows, with this advice from FamilySearch.

Beginning Your Family History Research (National Archives of Australia)

The information in this fact sheet will help you start researching your family history, and provides tips for visits to institutions like the National Archives of Australia, which hold relevant records.

Beginning Your Family History Research (State Library of NSW)

Tips and strategies for researching births, deaths and marriages from the State Library of NSW.

Family History for Beginners

Numerous articles are available on the FamilySearch Wiki to help you get started in family history.

Family History Guide 

Advice on searching for individuals, with particular emphasis on the NSW State Records and Archives collection. The webpage includes a selection of free research worksheets for download.

Family History Webinars

The National Library has numerous webinars relating to family history that are invaluable for exploring their collection and developing your research skills.

Getting Started

These easy-to-follow beginner guides from FindMyPast and introductions to tracing your ancestry will help you take the first few steps on your family history journey.

How Do I Start My Family Tree

This Gould Genealogy article addresses the question of how to start a family tree, beginning with yourself and working backwards. 

Indigenous Family History Worksheets and Checklists

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) has created downloadable resources to assist in planning and organising your family history research.

Researching Your Indigenous Family History

This brief guide lists the basic steps in researching Indigenous family history and the institutions in Australia which store information and can help you with this search.