Print, scan and copy

Printing and scanning

All of our branches, excluding the mobile library, have the ability to scan and photocopy items. Black and white, and colour printing are available in A4 and A3 paper sizes.

Item Colour Paper Size Price
Photocopying / Printing Black and white A4 $0.20 per page
Photocopying / Printing Colour A4 $1.50 per page
Photocopying / Printing Black and white A3 $0.40 per page
Photocopying / Printing Colour A3 $3.00 per page
Scanning Black and white or Colour A4 and A3 $0.20 per page


Remote Printing

Remote Printing (Web)

Nowra, Sanctuary Point and Ulladulla Libraries provide remote printing via the PrinterOn printing service.

To use our remote printing service, please click on your library's link below and follow the instructions. Please note: Print jobs are held for up to 48 hours. Any unprinted jobs are automatically deleted from our system after this time. Maximum 50 pages per job.


Remote Printing (App)

You can also use our remote printing service by using the PrinterOn app. The app is available for iOS and Android.

3D Printing

Shoalhaven Libraries has two 3D printers available at Nowra and Sanctuary Point libraries and we are able to print jobs for members of the public.


Our 3D Printers

Shoalhaven Libraries has two Makerbot 3D Printer Replicator+ 6th Gen printers. These printers are able to print jobs up to the following size:

  • 29.5cm Length
  • 19.5cm Width
  • 16.5cm Height

Our printers use PLA filament. We are able to print jobs in a solid colour and we have multiple colours to choose from including purple, yellow, black, green, blue, grey, orange and red. Due to opening hours we are only able to print jobs for up to 8 hours.


What do I need to provide to print?

The library requires you to send us an STL file of your 3D design. Most CAD software can export designs to the STL format.


How do I submit a job to print?

Please fill in the form below. Our staff will give you a time and cost estimate for the job. If you are happy to proceed we will print your job. Payment can be made upon collection of the job.


What is the cost to print?

Type Price
Community / Private / Student Use $1.50 per 10 minutes
Commercial / Business Use $3.00 per 10 minutes
3D Printer and design software training $25.00 per hour


Do you provide training?

Yes we do. We can show you the basics of TinkerCAD a free online CAD tool allowing you to create 3D designs, as well as run you through our 3D printer. For costs, please see the table above.


I have more questions...

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

3D Printing Request Form