Borrow, reserve, renew and request

Borrow a book or digital item

Library members can choose from thousands of items in both print and digital formats, including:

  • books
  • magazines
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • audiobooks 

Shoalhaven Libraries is a part of South Coast Cooperative Libraries, which means our members can also borrow from, reserve and return items to Kiama Library and Gerringong Library.


Renew your items

We have a 28 day loan period with the option of renewing your items twice (as long as they aren't reserved for another customer). 



Perhaps eBooks are more your cup of tea?

We also offer free access to the following platforms:  

  • BorrowBox (eBooks and eAudiobooks)
  • Libby Libby (eBooks, eAudiobook and eMagazines) 
  • indyreads (eBooks and eAudiobooks)
  • Hoopla (eBooks, eAudiobooks, eComics) 


To get started:

  • Download the app on your mobile device (or open on your computer’s browser)
  • Select ‘Shoalhaven Libraries’ or ‘South Coast Cooperative Library Service’
  • Enter your Shoalhaven Libraries card number or digital membership number
  • Enter your PIN (your date of birth by default, for example 01011901)
  • Start borrowing! 

Having issues? Contact your nearest library branch.


Reserve an item

Is an item out on loan or at another branch? You can reserve it. Ask library staff to place the reserve for you, or use the Submit Reserves option on our online catalogue or the library app. There is a $1 reservation charge per item. 

When placing a reserve you will need to:

  • Select the library branch you will be collecting your item from
  • Specify how you would like to be notified when your item is ready for collection
  • Collect your item within ten days of being notified. There is a $1 reservation fee per item.

To reserve an item on one of our eBook platforms, follow the directions on each app. Need help? Contact your nearest library branch.


Suggest a purchase

Is there an item that we don't have at Shoalhaven Libraries? You can suggest a purchase for an item that is not on our catalogue. We may not purchase an item if the work is too specialised, expensive or does not comply with the Collection Development Policy.



Request an item from another library with an interlibrary loan

If the item you’re looking for isn’t available at Shoalhaven or Kiama Libraries it may be available at another library in Australia through our Interlibrary Loan service.

To request an item visit, call or email the library to place the request.

Interlibrary loans pricing

  • Items loaned from public libraries - $6.00
  • Items loaned from university or special libraries - $34.50

Interlibrary loans delivery and loan times

  • Items typically arrive within two weeks, but may take longer depending on supplying library
  • The loan period for items is set by the supplying library
  • Need to renew your item? Let us know as soon as possible